Tub Resurfacing

Resurfacing or refinishing your bathtub can help breathe new life into your bathroom. We work with all types of tub surfaces and finishes to provide a sparkling new look for your bath. It's a hassle-free process and can save you hundreds on a new bathtub. Whether you have a tub that is years old or a simple chip on a brand new claw-foot tub, we're here to help.

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Shower Resurfacing

Whether your shower or shower pan is chipped, cracked, or dingy, our team will make it look like new again. We work with all types of shower surfaces including tile, porcelain, and fiberglass. Refinishing usually takes just a few hours to complete. Sometimes normal household cleaners just won't cut it—that's where we come in.

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Sink Resurfacing

Sink and vanity resurfacing and refinishing is a great opportunity to update the style and color without having to replace it. We use a modern refinishing process that is effective, affordable, and less time consuming than a full sink replacement. We resurface your sink to match the style of your bathroom or kitchen and any additional countertops that may be in the room. Contact us to learn just how easy it is to refinish your sink and add a new shine to your kitchen or bath.

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Countertop Resurfacing

Whether in your kitchen, bath, or laundry we help add a new look and shine to your countertops. No matter the location, your countertops are made to endure a lot of abuse like food prep, storage, and more. Our countertop refinishing services help your countertops look and perform like new. This is perfect for saving money on remodels without the hassle of purchasing an entirely new countertop that has to be custom-fit to your kitchen. 

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Tile Cleaning & Sealing

Your kitchen and bath tile can take a beating and need to be spruced up from time-to-time. Stains in grout can be near impossible to remove. Cracks from heavy furniture can be a nightmare. Scuff marks from boots table legs just won't come out with normal household cleaners. We apply our years of experience to help clean and seal your tile—ensuring it looks like new and will last up to years of more abuse.